Mentoring available for 2012:

Newborn workshops are posted on the blog. Please search under “newborn posing workshops”


Online Mentoring:

Jessica Vaughn Photography offers two online mentoring options

Newborn Mentoring:

Online mentoring begins with a question and answer email so that I may better understand your needs. Each mentoring session is tailored to fit the needs of each individual and focus on the areas they need the most help.  I will look at your website or blog to view your latest work. If you do not have a website or blog you can email me 10 of your best images to review. By viewing your images I will be able to help you by telling you what to do to improve what you are already doing. I will go over prop selection, styling newborn sessions, posing, soothing techniques, camera settings, and using your available natural light.  Within a few days we will meet via Skype to go over editing. I will work with you showing you how I edit via screen sharing either using one of my images or show you with one of your own images if you prefer.  We will work start to finish on several images to show you how I edit using Photoshop.

*Online mentoring does not replace newborn posing workshops because there is no live baby posing. It is meant to help photographers who are unable to attend a workshop or just need to refresh their skills. You do need to have a basic understanding of your camera and photoshop.*

Photoshop Mentoring:

Maybe you don’t need help with newborns or are not a newborn photographer? This mentoring class will help you take your images to the next step. Learn to edit your photos and create beautiful pieces of art for your clients that will sell!  This will being much like the online newborn mentoring with a question and answer email followed by a 2 hour skype session with screen sharing.  You may send me a few of your photos to edit or I can edit my own to show you my workflow.  It is recommended that you are first achieving great photos in camera!

For more information please contact me at  Please be sure to specify which type of mentoring session you are looking for!


Jen Pondillo - November 15, 2011 - 2:45 am

I would be interested in the costs of both your online mentoring workshops for 2012. Thanks.

Deb - December 21, 2011 - 11:53 am

Hello!! I just now found your website when I google searched newborn photography tips. :) I am so glad that I did!! I have my first newborn session tomorrow. The baby will be 6 days old and is a little girl. :) I have been waiting months for her to arrive! I bet you can remember the nerves before your first newborn session. :)

I am in desperate need of a mentor. I have searched in my home state of Colorado as well as many other states and have yet to find someone to work with me.

I know it may be too late for you to help me today or tomorrow but I would like to speak with you further about your mentoring program.

All my best,


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