What to wear

“What should we wear?”  This is the most asked question when scheduling a session.  The answer to this question is going to differ from person to person. These are YOUR images and you want to look like yourself. Stay true to your style!  If you tend to dress more conservative or traditional then your clothing should reflect that. If your style is more bohemian or eclectic, then go with it! But here are a few guidelines to help you out:

1. Layers

Photography is all about visual interest and this is where layers come in.  Look at a clothing ad you will notice the model is not just wearing one color, but maybe a few complementary colors. They may even have a jacket or sweater thrown over their shoulder. This type of layering draws your eye in, it is visually pleasing to the eye.

2. Texture  

 Whether it is a chunky sweater or a knitted blanket for a newborn, texture really adds to a photo.

3. Accessories

An accessory is just a little thing that can really add to a photo as well.  Maybe a pair of glasses, a tie on a baby boy, even an umbrella or scarf! Its ok to dress your child in something they might not typically wear.

4. Hats

Yes, I know hats are an accesory but they deserve a category all their own!  Nothing frames the face and draws your eye in better than a hat! Especially for newborns hats are just adorable.

5. Simplicity

Color in a photo is wonderful, but there is something to be said for a little simplicity. Something classic, clean and simple. The wonderful thing about using a custom portrait photographer instead of a studio is we welcome wardrobe changes! Its ok to dress your child a little funky for some photos and then in something a little more classic for the rest.

6. Whimsy

Its ok to do something different too! Which goes back to what I was saying about wardrobe changes. Would you normally dress your child in rainboots and a skirt? Probably not, but it makes a cute photo. Or maybe you would like to let your daughter dress up in her favorite princess dress. That’s ok too.

Throughout all of this it is important to remember to be yourself! Stay true to your style and you won’t regret it!

And here are a few clothing stores I would recommend for kids (and some for adults too):


Old Navy


Janie and Jack

The Children’s Place

L i n k s
B i r t h   P h o t o g r a p h y   W o r k b o o k