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Joy of Love {day 7}

Joy of Love {day 7} Generations

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Joy of Love {day 6}

Joy of Love {day 6} Who they love Me and my firstborn!

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Joy of Love {day 5}

Joy of Love  {day 5}   Love to Hate Having twin toddlers is full of challenges, especially when you are pregnant. The hardest of these is the constant fighting! Fighting over toys, chairs, who gets to sit in my lap, and who wears which shirt….its every day all day long!

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Joy of Love {day 4}

The Joy of Love {day 4} What they wear Anyone who knows me knows how funny this is to me. I have identical twin girls who will be 2 in April. Lately they are obsessed with taking their clothes off and running around completely naked! So what do they wear?…nothing!

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Joy of Love {day 3}

The Joy of Love {day 3} Then and Now This one couldn’t have come at a better time. My sweet little firstborn daughter is going to be 5 on February 8th! Its hard to believe how fast this time has flown by!

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