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What do you do when a newborn session ends up a 3 month session?….you take your baby whispering skills to a whole new level!  😉

This summer my kids and I spent most of our time at the pool.  If I wasn’t working, you would find us there!  Most of the other mommies there gave me crazy looks and made me feel like an outcast.  Apparently its a very strange phenomenon to take four kids to the pool by yourself?! So while most of them sat with one kid at the pool looking stressed out and giving me crazy looks and comments I just enjoyed my time with my four very fun loving children. :)  Then I met Crystal.  She is absolutely as beautiful inside as she is outside and was kind enough to talk to me at the pool.  Luckily she has three kids so she too was the outcast!  hahaha   I’m not big on handing out business cards or marketing in public to strangers. I don’t shove my card in the hands of pregnant women or try to drop hints that I’m a photographer, especially when I’m at the pool in a bikini with 4 kids!  So we went on hanging out at the pool while our kids played and I never mentioned my job. Then I posted a special for back to school photos for my neighbors and Crystal being the intelligent mommy she is put two and two together and figured me out!  😉

I planned my January workshop in hopes that Crystals baby could be one of the models, but she had other plans.  She decided she wanted to join the rest of us in this amazing world quite early!  I cannot imagine the fear and stress that this family went through all those months.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to achieve a typical newborn session but I was determined to give her everything she deserved and then some!  We settled on a newborn-ish session and then a lifestyle family session with everyone which is always my favorite.

Thank you Crystal for being such a great friend! And for taking the time to talk to the crazy lady at the pool with 4 kids! :)

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