Black and white hazy action

I made a hazy black and white action and I thought I would not only share the action but how to do it as well! :)

First you need to start off with your image SOOC  (straight out of camera) meaning you have edited nothing!

1. Now you want to convert to b&w using a gradient map. (Select the b&w option)

2. Create a new adjustment layer for levels and adjust contrast by moving the midtone slider to the left and the shadows slider to the right.

3. Create a solid color layer and select any color to start off. Set that layer to screen mode and adjust layer opacity (I like mine set at 40%)

4. Now click on the colored box in that layer and use the eyedropper tool to select color. You can move it around and find a color you like. This image the color I chose was #ece4a5.

5. Add a curves layer and adjust by making an s-curve.

6. Add exposure layer if needed to darken or lighten.

7. Flatten and save! :)

Here is the image after:

And if you don’t want to go through all of that work you can just download the action I created for myself here!

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